Globalization – the funny defination

I found this in my email, sent to me by a friend. 🙂

princess diana

What is the truest definition of Globalization?

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Goregoan-Malad Link Road – 10am Traffic

I wake up at abt 8:30am. My office time is 10am. These pictures were taken yesterday 26th March 2010 while i was going to my Office. Damm i hate there Mumbai Rickshaws, theye look like they are raccing with their own rules on Mumbai roads while breaking all RTO rules.

MTNL exchnage, Goregaon West Signal

yet my this pictures couldn’t be saved from Auto-Rickshaws of Malad, Mumbai.

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IPL4 Pune Team imba special treat

Goosh pune IPL4  team... beware on Twitpic1st thing.. awesome to see our Mumbai TEAM f ckin rocks in IPL3.  Sachin played really well last nite, scored 72 runs of 56 Balls. MI beat Chennai SKs on 25th march Nite.

And now for the topic, chk this LOLzor punery patya 😛 आयपीएल, पुणे टीम आणि पुणेरी पाट्या …

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my Worli – Haji Ali pics 15th Mar 2010

i was on surf with my bike. Was heading home from Worli to Goregaon and took some of these pics on 15th March 2010. I have HIGH res pics of these pics, if u want pls post comments i will email u 🙂

Haji Ali Signal at Worli, Mumbai

view more below…

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